A beautiful and young nation set in the Balkan Peninsula, characterizes its unusual shape. Rich in history and natural beauty Croatia is an attraction for all tastes.



- Inside the Cathedral -

The Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary  and is not only the tallest building in Croatia, but also the most monumental sacral building in Gothic style in South Europe. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The cathedral is typically Gothic, as is its sacristy, which is of great architectural value. Its prominent spires are considered to be landmarks as they are visible from most parts of the city.


Zagreb - Croatia                                                                                                                           November  2015

- St. Mark -

Today I went out early in the morning, it's Saturday, the old part of the city is almost deserted, the alleyways lead me to the beautiful St. Mark Square.








                        Zagreb - Croatia    

                              Nov 2015                          

- City View -

The Zagreb Funicular "Zagrebačka uspinjača" is situated in Tomić Street, Its 66 metre (217 ft) track makes it one of the shortest public-transport funiculars in the world. The funicular was built in 1890 and has been in operation since April 23, 1893. I took this picture on the way back home, I think it is a beautiful view of the city. I have discovered a modern Zagreb, that even in the Old Town, alongside the value of the past and history, with the young life of the city.









  Zagreb -  Croatia 

                                    November  2015


- Zagreb's Cathedral -

Inside the large Cathedral faithful lit candles just before the Sunday ceremony.











  Zagreb - Croatia

                         November  2015

- The Humpback Whale -

It gave a new life to an abandoned building that has never been accepted by the residents of Zagreb. The huge whale is done by a French artist called Etien', known for his anamorphosis-artworks. Zagreb has some pretty cool, and well-known street artists itself, but this piece is probably the most popular one.If you stand on a special marked spot in front of it, it really looks like the whale is alive and swimming.


Zagreb - Croatia                                                                                                                            November  2015

- Sunday Morning -
 I arrived very late this morning, I was going to get in the Cathedral in advance before the Sunday service, but I have only half an hour to take the shots that I have in mind for the interior
of this magnificent church.
    Zagreb - Croatia                                     November 2015  
- Walking by-
After a beautiful day walking around with a Croatian group
that I met last night in an old city brewery we relax
with a cup of hot tea in one of the city parks.
The sun is gone it is time to go to dinner.
Zagreb - Croatia               November 2015