The second smallest country in the Balkan, covered with rugged mountains, famous for its medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline.Nestled between Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo, still it has the signs of a recent turbulent past, but the country is projected into the future.

- The New Cathedral -

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is the biggest church in Montenegro, the construction began in 1993. Consecration occurred on October 7, 2014 on the occasion of the 1700-year anniversary of the Edict of Milan on freedom of religion. The cathedral is located in the "New Town" of Podgorica just west of the Morača River.  The interior is wonderful, the light coming from many windows floods the vaults and columns, that being almost completely painted in gold, reflects light and fills the church of glare and golden reflections.


 Podgorica - Montenegro                                                                                                          Novembre 2015

- Podgorica -

The name Podgorica means 'below Gorica' in Montenegrin. Gorica (meaning 'little hill' or 'hillock') is the name of the cypress-covered hill that overlooks the city centre.  The sun has just set, I have to find a place to eat something for dinner.







                 Podgorica - Montenegro    

                         November 2015                  

- The Massive Ceiling -

I am practically lying on the ground, I wanted to get a picture wide enough to take the whole top of the cathedral in a single shot. The only way to do it was just to place the camera directly on the floor, forcing me to squat on the cold stone floor, to avoid entering the frame.










 Podgorica -  Montenegro 

                                     November  2015



- The Cathedral's Door -

Although it was early afternoon of a sunny Sunday in November, I had to wait for at least 30 minutes before taking this photo. The idea was to photograph a person of small stature or better a child entering the main door to enhance the feeling of greatness of the interior spaces of the cathedral.





                Podgorica - Montenegro    

                         November 2015                      

- The Cathedral -

I have to be honest about this church I was very impressed. As I often, I had not studied at all the city and things to see, I really appreciate the element of surprise that a place can give, and for that very reason I did not expect at all that the inside was so beautiful. I have visited the cathedral for two whole mornings exploring this magnificent church, discovering every corner and every possible shot.


 Podgorica - Montenegro                                                                        Novembre  2015