The Republic of Slovenia is a small nation state in southern Central Europe located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. Has a population of only 2 million and the capital and largest city is the beautiful Ljubljana. The territory is mostly mountainous and the country is one of the most water-rich in Europe, with a dense river network, a rich aquifer system. Over half of the territory is covered by forest.



- The heart of Ljubljana -

Today there is a magnificent sun, walk along the Ljubljanica River that cuts through the old town of Ljubljana, it is the end of November and seems to be spring.The river water calm becomes a gigantic mirror reflecting the small buildings that fill the heart of the city. I hear the violin playing in the distance. In the background there is the Ljubljana Castle, which sits atop Castle Hill south of the city center.


Ljubljana - Slovenia                                                                                                                      Nov  2015

- City View -

The origin of the city's name is still unclear. In the Middle Ages, both the river and the town were also known by the German name Laibach. This name was in official use as an endonym until 1918, and it remains frequent as a German exonym, both in common speech and official use. The city is called in Italian Lubiana and in Latin Labacum or Aemona.




                     Ljubljana - Slovenia  

                             Nov 2015                          

- Ljubljana Cathedral -

In Slovenian language is called "Ljubljanska Stolnica" but the official name is St. Nicholas's Church which in the past was a Gothic church. In the early 18th century, it was Replaced by a Baroque building. It is an easily recognizable landmark of the city with its green dome and twin towers and stands at Cyril and Methodius Square, nearby the Ljubljana Central Market and the Town Hall.


 Ljubljana - Slovenia                                                                        Nov  2015

- Aemona -

Emona or Aemona, short for Colonia Iulia Aemona, was a Roman castrum, settled by colonists from the northern part of Roman Italy. Aemona itself was the region's easternmost city. It was located in the area where the navigable Ljubljanica came closest to Castle Hill. The river played an important role as a transport route for the trade between the city and the rest of Roman empire.



Ljubljana - Slovenia

                              Nov  2015

- From the Top of the Castle -

I am exactly on the top of the castle tower, I'm perched up here before sunset.  The sunset was very nice, but the shot I really wanted was this: the sky seems painted pink and purple, and the city lights are on. The wind  is raising and the air begins to be cold ... it's time to get down and go to dinner.




Ljubljana - Slovenia

                               Nov  2015

- Architecture Game -

I have always found it very interesting to photograph every kind of architecture, but the cathedrals, mosques and the great temples are definitely the ones that please me the most. With the use of wide-angle lenses I can compose my picture with a large portion of the interior spaces, playing with the lines,  vanishing points, perspective and the geometric shapes.




 Ljubjana - Slovenia

                               Nov  2015

- Triple Bridge -

It's a group of three bridges, connecting two parts of Ljubljana's downtown, located on both banks of the Ljubljanica. Originally, there was only a single bridge, which linked Central Europe and the Balkans. In order to prevent an 1842 stone arch bridge from being a bottleneck, two additional pedestrian bridges on either side of the central one were added in 1932. It's decorated with large stone balusters and lamps and there are two staircases, leading to terraces above the river.

Ljubljana - Slovenia

                               Nov  2015