In early 2010 I left again Italy for one of the richest experiences of my life. Armed always my little compact camera I jumped on a journey of six months from India to the Philippines, for the most part traveling by land. An extraordinary adventure which soon become the photographic project "The Heart of Asia": a photographic journey between peoples and cultures of India, Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam. The project led to the organization of two exhibitions held in early 2011 in the area of ​​Ancona.


At this point the passion for photography takes over, I decided to invest in equipment and time to study this magnificent way to describe and communicate. I bought my first digital SLR and my first pair of lenses. 


On April 7, 2011 I flew to Canada, starting the project to which I have dedicated myself for 4 and a half years. "The Long Term Traveler" project, 1698 days of traveling around the world, an incredible life experience, I speak more comprehensively, in the pages of this site dedicated to the project. During this adventure, my conception of travel photography has changed, it changed my equipment and my photographic skills have evolved. The 29th of November 2015 I arrived in Italy concluding this adventure.


Now I have settled in Christchurch, New Zealand, at least for now, with the purpose of promoting my trip around the world, working to build a photographic story worthy the incredible journey that has been, and organize exhibitions and meetings with the theme of long-term travel. On a professional level I offer my passion for photography and my professionalism to consumers and businesses.


Pet Photography: professional photo books to your 4-legged friends, so you will have an amazing portfolio of immortal pictures of your life companions.

Hotels, Restaurants & Interior: making the most of the spaces and the interiors of companies working in the tourism, catering and entertainment.

Events: I am a big passionate of live events, from concerts to theatrical performances to dance performance. My goal is to capture the emotions of the moment and make them eternal.

Products: Get the maximum potential of any type of product, to transmit to your customers the aesthetic features, the history and the possibilities related to your product in a single image.

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  April 2016

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  June/July 2013

Born in 1985, I am originally from Ancona a small town in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. I've always been attracted to the world of photography, but it is from 2010 that has become a fundamental part of my life.Until the age of 21 I had a normal life, I studied mechanical engineering. Not too far from the degree I realized that it was not my way and that I wanted more out of my life

At the end of 2007 the need for adventure and new experiences brought me to Australia, where, thanks to a Working Holiday Visa, I lived for a year. For 6 months I have traveled across this great country on the road with a small van alternating work of all kinds to holiday periods. And it was in Australia I started to approach more to photography. Very amateur, with a small compact camera that I always carried with me.


Following my Australian experience I had my first taste of Asia, two trips for a total of three months to discover Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where I fell in love with this part of the world, love that led me to live and travel in these countries many times in the following years.