- South Pacific View -

This is the view from the north island of Pangamotu, blue sky, turquoise water, white beaches, a true paradise.
                     Pangaimotu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014

The Kingdom of Tonga

 A wonderful journey through the "Friendly Islands", 176 dream islands,  lost in the blue water of the Pacific Ocean.


- The Golden Hour -

The perfect time to be in front of Tongatapu's Blowholes, the big waves crashing against the lower clifff create huge explosions, the rumble is lost in the wind.... what an hypnotic show.








  Tongatapu - Tonga 

                 August / September  2014

- Water Bursts -

The first thing that leaves you speechless is the noise. A deep sound, like thunder that shakes the cliff, a roar so powerful that charges the air with electricity. Almost at the same moment the monstrous amount of water rises up to the sky beyond the cliff, in a cloud that is projected in all directions. The show is repeated every twenty seconds. The power of the elements in all its glory.


     Tongatapu - Tonga                                                                               August / September 2014

- The Milkyway and The Rockyarch -

A warm night, I was standing on high cliff south of the island, a light breeze blew from the sea. After deciding the shot, I waited for almost an hour to get the Milky Way in the best position in the frame. I took the picture with an exposure time of about thirty seconds, during the exposure my good friend Federico illuminated the water below the arch of rock making visible the motion of ocean waves.


Tongatapu - Tonga                      August   2014

- The Lost Island -

This is a lost island, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Siuth Pacific, rich in coral and colorful fish, emerges for few meters above the surface of the ocean.....

 but is in danger.... no one knows what will happen in the near future.



Foa - Ha' apai - Tonga         August / September 2014

- The Glass Wave -
 I find extraordinarily beautiful to be in places where there seems no trace of human presence. Places difficult to reach remote corners of paradise where nature is still untouched. This is the northern tip of the island of Eua in the kingdom of Tonga.

Eua - Tonga 

                August / September 2014


- The Rainbow Cliff -

On the south coast of Tongatapu: in a really clear day walking on the sharp rocks overlooking the sea, with a little luck you can see a great show. This is the perfect example of what happens when the three predominant elements in nature meet, Water, Earth and Air. The powerful waves crashing on the cliff create huge splashes of water tens of meters high, the haze that remains suspended in the air reflects sunlight creates spectacular rainbows.
                      Tongatapu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014


- The Coconut Milkyway -

In the heart of the main island of the Kingdom of Tonga, far from the capital, Nuku'alofa, in clear night the Milky Way pierces the sky in two. Far from the noise of the city I sit under a palm tree and I'm enjoying the show.
                      Tongatapu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014


- Corals Reflection -

During low tide, many of the corals that populate the underwater reef that surrounds the western part of the island of Eua, emerge from the ocean, and only 5 cm below the water surface the reflections and the play of light is just incredible.
                      Eua island - Tonga 

                August / September 2014


- The Italian Fish -

In the warm waters surrounding the island of Pangaimotu live a multitude of fish of many colors... some really really strange.
                     Pangaimotu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014

- Lokupo Beach -

After several hours of hiking I arrived at the edge of the cliff, I pushed my way through the vegetation, and in front of me, I got an incredible show, The coastline of the eastern part of the island of Eua, a wild island, part of the Kingdom of Tonga. Everything that is not ocean, is covered by a thick jungle. The line of separation between the blue and the green is a thin line of golden sand, Lokupo Beach, more than 100 metres below me.
                     Eua Island - Tonga 

                August / September 2014

- Natural Swimming Pool -

In the far northern tip of the island of Foa, there is a lagoon protected by an underwater cliff remain of an ancient coral reef, the water is so clear that actually seems to swim in a pool decorated with sand and coral. In this paradise you don't swim under water... you fly!



     Foa island - Ha'apai - Tonga                                                                               August / September 2014

- Tongan Sunset -

Bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron. It's the time of day when the sky looks like it has been spray-painted by a painter or a graffiti artist. I'm on the south coast of the island of Tongatapu, the water in the area projected by Blowholes fills the air, The roar of the waves creates the perfect soundtrack for this sunset in Tonga.
                     Tongatapu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014

- Pangaimotu Island -

In the Tongan language, 'pangai' means royal, and 'motu' means island.  So pangaimotu means 'royal island'. The island is just over one mile northeast of the harbor of Nuku'alofa, but it feels a world apart.  It is a small palm-covered island with sandy beach and clear blue water.














Pangaimotu - Tonga                         August   2014

- Keleti Beach -

The underwater cliff covers almost the all costline of the south part of the Island of Tongatapu....except for some little beach....Keleti Beach is one example, a little tiny beach and at low tide it become a swimming pool protect by an emerged cliff.
                      Tongatapu - Tonga 

                August / September 2014